Karam Foundation was founded in 2007 in Chicago — a small, non-profit organization determined to do big things. Karam means generosity in Arabic — our simple vision was to give what was as needed to those who needed it anywhere around the world. Eight years ago, we started with a food drive on the south-side of Chicago. Today, our impact expands across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, building a better future for thousands of Syrian families.


Share your song with the world.

SING ME YOUR SONG is a global initiative that harnesses the potential of children to bridge differences, teach empathy and create a climate of belonging through shared music. Leveraging the power and accessibility of technology, this project aims to reach the most vulnerable children ... refugees.  How?  One song at a time.  

If you wish to provide direct assistance to refugee children participating in this project, please  DONATE to our partner on the ground in Syria:


EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Create a sign for the child/ren to hold with #singmeyoursong (you can download a template here or make your own).

2. Video your child/ren singing his or her favorite song (simple is good, e.g. a smart phone will do) and upload your video to YouTube.

3. Complete the contact form below so we have your video url and

we can post your song online!