Founded in 2011, Live Learn Act (LLA) is a Winchester, Massachusetts-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on expanding global education opportunities for children in elementary school.

Our mission is to empower children to contribute to the welfare of our world by communicating with each other through means of self expression. This mission is built on the following core beliefs:

LLA’s organization is unique in its focus on experiential global programming for students at the gradeschool level. Projects span the continents and have connected thousands of children across a network of 30+ schools.

By igniting a passion for global learning in the formative years, LLA’s goal is that children develop a sustained and lifelong commitment to improving their global community.

Peer-to-peer connections increase learning opportunities. Children are naturally interested in each other. The more exposure they have to one other, the more curious and inspired they become to discover more–and to retain what they learn.

Cross-border connections are crucial, especially at a young age level. These connections broaden children’s experiences and thus their ability to think and act beyond their immediate social and cultural parameters.

Self expression provides a rich communication channel capable of overcoming language, cultural and educational-level barriers, while at the same time providing a colorful forum for children to teach others through the sharing of themselves.