LLA’s project “Show Me Your School” asks children around the world to connect with each other by envisioning what it would be like to attend each other's school.

Using creativity and a camera, elementary school students capture life in their schools–literally through their own eyes–then share their perspectives with other children through the universal language of photography.

To date, students from 23 schools in 11 countries across five continents have submitted over 350 photos. These photos depict daily school activities, ranging from transportation and favorite subjects to meals and free time.

LLA has created exhibits for display in local elementary schools and other venues, as well as a short video presentation that has been shared globally. It is our hope that “Show Me Your School” provides a fun and functional mechanism to teach about other cultures, with the camera being a school child’s ultimate ticket around the globe.

everywhere happiness

So what makes you happy? . . . This universal question is the basis for LLA’s “Happiness Project” in which school children throughout the world share and compare their sources of happiness.

Elementary school classrooms compile a list of the “Top 10” things that make them happy, and then students illustrate their lists. These drawings enable the overcoming of language barriers and allow for the sharing of true exchanges.

Equipped with the Happiness Project's lesson plan, over 1,900 children in 11 countries have partaken in the project. Vibrant discussions among the children and their teachers have produced a picturesque survey of what makes kids happy across a broad array of environments. Incredible creativity has led to a wide display of results, including “happiness flowers,” town hall exhibitions, and even a classroom movie. The core foundation of the project, however, remains the drawings–all 1,200+ of them.

LLA’s book, Everywhere Happiness: A Global Lesson chronicles these illustrations and seeks to start a discussion about what makes a person truly happy.